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Tom Sleigh

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Singing School

W.W. Norton & Co. 


"Poetry For The Verse Averse"  

by Tom Vitale, Morning Edition

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 "Singing School is nothing like the usual anthology of safe and sane selections. Instead, it is a gathering of poetry designed to stimulate the young and startle the old practitioner, with a surprise around every corner. Where else might you find Sterling Brown's 'Harlem Happiness' next to Queen Elizabeth I's 'When I Was Fair and Young,' and two poems away from Plath's 'Nick and the Candlestick'? . . . A book that will instruct and charm every reader."



"This is a magnificent anthology of, as Pinsky defines it for us, poems to inspire — each of them with his brief and brilliant, offhand notes about how to read them."



Upcoming Appearances

September 16th

Harvard Bookstore

7pm — 8pm

Reading at Harvard Bookstore. Cambridge, MA

September 18th

Favorite Poem Project

7pm — 8pm

Reading at Seattle Public Library. Seattle, WA

September 24th

Boston University

7pm — 8pm

Reading at Boston University. Boston, MA


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Favorite Poem Project: Chicago – The Favorite Poem Project, Robert Pinsky's initiative as Poet Laureate, and the Poetry Foundation, have chosen the favorite poems of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and five other Chicagoans to be featured in a video series called Favorite Poem Project: Chicago. The series will launch on Friday, April 11. 




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